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April 15, 2021

Which Statement Regarding A Multiple Support Agreement Is False

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A multiple assistance agreement is a document signed by two or more taxpayers who provide financial assistance to a single dependent person. This agreement allows several individuals who jointly assist a creditor to take turns asserting that person as dependent on their tax return. Several helps are needed when several children contribute to the assistance of an elderly parent. To use someone as a dependent on Form 2120, you must have paid at least 10% of the support fee. In addition, no person on the form may have paid more than 50% of the assistance fee. Add Form 2120 when you return, but don`t include signed instructions. Keep them for your own recordings and be prepared to produce them if necessary. Taxpayers use Form 2120 if they wish to claim a parent as dependent on their tax return, but they do not pay enough for the assistance of this report to do so in accord with normal tax rules. If other people who contribute to that parent`s care costs agree, the taxpayer can call on the dependent. The rules for several assistance agreements are tricky. In situations where programs such as social security or other public support funds provide most of the assistance to dependents, no one can claim the person as a dependent. For example, if two children offer 20% assistance and Social Security offers 60% of the aid, no child can claim his parent as dependent. (1) No one has provided more than half of the assistance to the person, each tax year a person can assert the parent as a dependent right, provided they meet the necessary conditions and submit a multiple assistance agreement.

Depending on the situation, they may choose to rotate those who make this claim each year. (a) Section 152, point (c), provides that a subject is treated as having contributed more than half of a person`s assistance in the calendar year (in cases where two or more taxpayers contributed to that person`s assistance) where – in some cases, the situation of a subject may meet all the conditions required to qualify a dependent person. with the exception of the last one — more than half of the aid. For example, a group of siblings could all intervene to pay for the cost of helping an aging parent. One of them could assume most of the responsibility of “Dad,” including that he lives in his house, but she cannot claim him as dependent because she herself cannot bear most of the costs. Form 2120 comes in. (i) A statement identifying each of the other persons who contributed more than 10 per cent of the individual assistance and who would have been empowered to claim the person as dependent so as not to provide more than half of the individual`s assistance; And if you add Form 2120 when you return, you recognize that you don`t pay more than half of a person`s assistance fee, but that the people with whom you share the fee allow you to claim that person as dependent. Anyone who contributes a minimum of 10% of the creditor`s care costs must provide you with a signed declaration that waives the right to the person as a dependent person.

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