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Think You Know Good Content? Fuggedaboutit. Here’s What Really Counts (#smx #21C)
Content is king, and the search engines reward it. Great content goes viral, attracting links, likes, tweets and other online love. Simply put, great content is… well… how should we define “great” content? Shakespeare? Or silly shake videos? In this session our panelists skewer the myths of what some call “great” content and offer solid tips for creating content that’s fundamentally satisfying for both users and search engines.

Moderator: Vanessa Fox, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land (@vanessafox)

Q&A Coordinator: Matt Ruud, Director of SEO, Rocket Clicks (@mattruud)


Vanessa Casavant, Content Strategist, AdoptUSKids
Jonathon Colman, Principal Experienc Architect, REI (@jcolman)
Misty Weaver, Community Manager, Content Insight LLC (@meaningmeasure)

Inventory and Audit template by Misty Weaver
includes basic inventory, to enhanced quantitative inventory to specialized task/story audit


Templates you can download

  1. Doing a Content Inventory
 (Or, A Mind-Numbingly Detailed Odyssey Through Your Web Site)
    by Jeffrey Veen (slightly adapted by Gisle Hannemyr )
June 18, 2002
  2. A Template for Content Inventory and Audit
    by Paula Land
  3. Personas from Keynotopia – http://keynotopia.com/free-user-experience-templates/
  4. User Journey / Storyboard from Self-Reliant Films – http://www.selfreliantfilm.com/2006/10/storyboard-template/


Even better when downloaded so you can see the notes. Almost like being there, only perhaps, better.



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