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October 5, 2021

Sales And Purchase Agreement For Shares

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681.413 A Common shares of 0.01 each in the capital of the company The sellers thus waive all rights of restriction of transmission, including preferential rights of transfer, which may exist in respect of shares which are conferred either by the articles of association, by other constitutional documents of the company, or by a shareholder`s contract, or by other means. Once the shares of the target transaction have been transferred to a new property, ownership is transferred to the buyer. It is very likely that the new owner of the company`s shares will be able to appoint new accountants, key agents and directors. The buyer may also choose to remove certain officers. If so, it should be indicated in the SPA and must be approved by all parties. The acquisition of shares is the acquisition of the operational activity of a company. No existing contract of the company will change with a sales contract. When a shareholder decides to sell shares, the shareholder gets a complete break with the transaction. With regard to the purchaser of the company`s shares, there may be some contractual commitments to the company, which are also called guarantees that will continue to bind a shareholder after the sale of the company`s shares. in the event of a seller`s breach of any of the guarantees referred to in subsections 5.1(a) to 5.1 (g), including (including for the avoidance of doubt, an infringement after the closing date, to the extent that it falls on a maturity, omission or agreement before the conclusion), in respect of that seller or its related companies, the seller pays the buyer, upon request, an amount in cash, which corresponds to the amount of a payment or other financial advantage that he or his related undertakings have received from the group company concerned as a result of such an infringement. The sellers agreed to sell to the buyer, and the buyer agreed to buy the shares in the manner and subject to the terms of this agreement. Persons who provide services to a group company under an agreement that is not an employment contract with the company concerned, in particular where the person is a consultant or an independent contractor is seconded, and “consultant” means one of them 2.1. .

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