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September 17, 2021

Dk Collective Agreement

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3F works with 196 sectoral collective agreements. In addition, 3F oversees some 745 premises and membership agreements, which often apply to only one job. Find out more about the main Danish labour market organisations, which can provide information on the content of collective agreements, including key issues such as wages. It is up to the foreign company to refer a dispute to the Danish Labour Court to determine whether claims for a collective agreement are legal and whether a strike or blockade is legal. The Danish Labour Court will rule quickly on such matters. “The collective agreement provides for better pension coverage for young workers. At the same time, many older workers who remain in the workplace after reaching retirement age can opt for their pension contributions to be paid instead. I am pleased to inform you that we have agreed to improve additional continuing education opportunities for redundant staff. Of course, it is also very important for us, as employers, to ensure a smooth reintegration process for employees,” said Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

If your company has entered into a collective agreement, you are required to comply with the requirements of the collective agreement. This means that your employees are entitled to wages and other working conditions, in accordance with the collective agreement. The way in which collective agreements are concluded may be different, as may the content. It depends to a large extent on the nature of the work done. However, a collective agreement will contain at least rules on wage conditions and working hours. The fixed interest rates of the SCA and the CCA will be adjusted by 6%, since they will be mainly rounded up to the next 5 Danish kroner. If no sentence is mentioned in CCA, it is the same sentence as indicated in SCA. The detailed implementation of fixed rates in CSFs is ensured by a local agreement.

In addition, the same practice as that applied in previous extensions of collective agreements should be applied. The collective agreement contains a wide range of agreed terms and a framework for the rights and obligations of employers and workers. Agreements may include rules on working time and place of work, remuneration, overtime pay, where applicable, leave, pensions and other aspects of work. They may also contain rules on the working environment and dispute resolution. Agreements may be accompanied by various annexes and amendments. Agreements generally contain both independent rules and provisions contained in Danish legislation. General wage increases of 4.2% have been agreed for companies covered by standard collective agreements (SCAs), distributed by 2% in 2020, 1.2% in 2021 and 1% in 2022. Example 2: Electricians who carry out work as part of a construction project refuse, as part of a solidarity action, to carry out work for the client, because the foreign company responsible for the other construction tasks has not yet signed a contract, as requested in the main fight against the foreign company. The new agreement introduces changes to the rules on parental leave. Leave with full pay is increased from 13 weeks to a total of 16 weeks.

Eight of these weeks are planned for the father. Danish trade unions can take trade union measures to support the demand for payment of wages under a collective agreement with a foreign company that sends workers to Denmark. Trade union actions may be directed against the undertaking with which the trade union is trying to conclude a collective agreement or it may be a solidarity action aimed at other undertakings supplying products to the undertaking concerned. . . .

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