In June 2012, I led Content Strategy section as part of Samantha Starmer’s Information Architecture Summer Institute Course at the University of Washington iSchool. Collected here are readings and resources from my lectures as well as a few of the other guest speakers.

Content Strategy Readings

Lovinger, Rachel (2008). Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data. Retrieved March 23 2011 from Boxes and Arrows:

MacIntyre, Jeffrey (2008). Content-tious Strategy. Retrieved March 23 2011 from A List Apart:

In lecture, I also suggested the following sources:

Content Inventories: Veen, Jeffrey. Doing a Content Inventory (Or, A Mind-Numbingly Detailed Odyssey Through Your Web Site). Retrieved March 23 2011 from Adaptive Path:

Competitive Audits: Withrow, Jason (2006). Competitive Analysis: Understanding the Market Context. Retrieved March 23 2011 from Boxes and Arrows:

Content Strategy Deliverables by Shelly Bowen at

Content Strategy Life Cycle from Rahel Bailie

Structure First. Content Always by Mark Boulton

Death to Lorem Ipsum by Luke Wroblewski

In Defense of Lorem Ipsum by Karen McGrane

Card Sorting: How I Draft an Information Architecture by Donna Maurer


Content Inventory Tools

Site Orbiter –
Content Insight –
Page Description Diagrams, Tables and Templates

Page Description Diagrams
Presentation by Nick Finck

Brown, Dan (2002). Where the Wireframes Are: Special Deliverable #3. Retrieved March 23 2011 from Boxes & Arrows:

Page tables
Extracting the Content by Relly Annett-Baker


Karen McGrane We Are All Content Strategists Now

Gerry McGovern — Content Strategy Forum 20011 London Keynote: Manage the tasks, not the content



Content Strategy at Work by Margot Bloomstein
Content Strategy for the Web v 2 by Kristina Halvorson
Managing Enterprise Content by Ann Rockley

Editorial Content Strategy & Content Marketing Picks
Clout by Colleen Jones
Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane

Change Management
by Chip & Dan Heath
Additional Articles

Earley, Seth (2010). Developing a Content Maintenance and Governance Strategy. Retrieved March 23 2011 from ASIS&T Bulletin:

Overview of Alan Cooper & Personas (mentioned by Andy Fitzgerald)
Hinton, Andrew (2008). Personas and the Role of Design Documentation. Retrieved March 23 2011 from Boxes and Arrows:

Models of IA
Davis, Nathaniel (2011). Framing the Practice of Information Architecture. Retrieved 1 December 2011 from

Garrett, Jesse James (2003). 9 Pillars of Website Design Retrieved June 21 2012 from

Explain IA contest

Journal of IA

On firing clients
Beans in the nose by Jared Spool (mentioned by Andy Fitzgerald)

On Design Deliverables
Communicating Design by Dan Brown



Seattle Infocamp at Mary Gates Hall October 13th & 14th!

Seattle Information Architecture & User Experience Meetup

Content Strategy Seattle Meetup



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