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September 15, 2021

Construction Work Agreement Template

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8. Subcontractors. The Contractor may commission subcontractors to perform work at its discretion, provided that the Contractor pays each subcontractor in full and that it remains in any event responsible for the proper performance of this Contract. One. The contractor is responsible for purchasing and maintaining appropriate insurance for the construction. This template for a free construction contract contains important information such as the name and location of the parties, the job description, the time, the contract price and the payment. Our PDF editing tool allows you to change the format or add text and images to suit your needs. Try this free template for a construction contract and use it to create your own contract. The success of construction depends on clearly defined expectations and timelines. 5.2.

The Contractor shall keep, throughout the duration of the construction contract, all the authorizations and legal authorizations required to carry out the work necessary for the construction project. To the extent permitted by law, the Contractor may, after prior notification from the Owner, subcontract parts of the Work to duly qualified and licensed subcontractors and ensure that immediate and correct payment is made to such subcontractors in order to prevent pledges from being placed on the property. Benjamin Franklin said so famously, “Time is money.” Whichever page you are on, reduce the construction time by having a clear plan with this document. In addition, you can also define how to maintain the job site, including monitoring workers, storing materials, and where to deposit waste. If you want to rent or resell your property after construction, create a custom rental agreement or a real estate purchase agreement. Package: Also known by the traditional name of a “fixed price” contract, this is the most common price agreement for works contracts. In a lump sum contract, the parties agree on a fixed price based on the contractor`s assessment of the cost of a complete and final project. Contract contracts take into account all materials, subcontracts, labor, indirect costs, profits and more. 13. Dispute Resolution and Attorneys` Fees. In the event of a dispute under this contract that cannot be settled by mutual agreement, the parties agree to mediation. If the case cannot be resolved through mediation and followed by legal action, the haunting party is entitled to his attorney`s fees, including but not limited to his attorney`s fees.

Suppose your contractor and his or her team have suddenly stopped working and he or she is asking for excessive remuneration for materials and work that were not originally agreed. Or your client, the owner, refuses to pay you once the project is complete. In any case, you should make sure that you have a written agreement to protect your rights.

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