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August 2, 2013

Indie Writers on Self Publishing : Seattle Event

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I’m not planning on self-publishing a book. Just yet. But I’m not one to close doors, so went to’s self-publishing panel Friday, August 2 in Seattle. It really was packed with bestselling indie authors, . With all proceeds benefiting Seattle Free Lances, it’s a good talk for a good cause. I saw something I never expected as well: a panel writers, long before the event, tweeting away with NO COFFEE. That’s dedication.


Meet the Day:
Kelsye Nelson, CEO, @kelsye
Abigail Carter, Co-founder @abigailcarter

Indie Authors:
Jasinda Wilder @JasindaWilder
Jack Wilder
Tina Folsom @Tina_Folsom
Jana DeLeon @JanaDeLeon
Liliana Hart @Liliana_Hart
Debra Holland @DrDebraHolland
Theresa Ragan @theresaragan
Jane Graves – @<janegraves
Denise Grover Swank @DeniseMSwank
Colleen Gleason @colleengleason
Dorien Kelly @dorienkelly

My Take-aways:

Jasinda and Jack Wilder’s story: They started self-publishing to save their house. And they did it. Falling into Success is an apt title for their story.

  • Create a pricing strategy by reviewing competition and their prices. Be well-researched and deliberate.
  • Maintaining the rights to your work is critical. From cover design to choosing new formats. Self-publishing allows you the flexibility to pivot and reach new markets and formats as they emerge.
  • Controlling the marketing is essential. People do judge books by the cover, so yours better rock. Build a relationship with a cover designer and create what’s right for the marketplace right now. You are the best advocate for your work, no publisher will market your work as well as you can.


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