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April 26, 2013

Community Management is My Jam: Seattle on Content, Design and Interaction

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Community service is my main purpose. At this point in my life and career, I’m dedicating some time to help bridge communities in Seattle who are all passionate about this thing: User-centered Goodness. You may be in information architecture, interaction design, user experience, SEO, content strategy, content marketing, marketing, technology, design, development. Most of us are working towards the same goal: Leveraging our knowledge and passion to help users have better experiences online and in life.

First, I belong to many meetups. I organize many meetups. My favorite meetup is getting together with other meetup organizers and planning all of these, you guessed it, meetups. People ask me why I do this.

  1. I love organizing things.
  2. I love people who love organizing things.
  3. I want there to be less duplication and more opportunity for people to embrace content and information related design practices.

And I want to create opportunity for the job I can love getting up to every morning – being a kickass content strategist who has strong relationships with other kickass practitioners. Employers are still looking for unicorns while some of us are about to start “taping horns to horses’ heads.” We need to help people ramp up their skills and experience, community service is how I’m evolving my content strategy practice.

Here’s the plan for now. All these groups below are going to talk. We can help each other. This list is going to grow.

IA Meetup meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Piecora’s Pizza on Capitol Hill. We’ll have speakers, activities and sponsors.
Content Strategy Seattle will host future events this year and plan to invite some awesome speakers to visit us in cross- organizational goodness.
PSSIGCHI continues to provide top-notch speakers and trainings.
IXDA partners with many orgs to offer stunning speakers and workshops. Check them out at the Seattle Design Festival.
Usability Seattle offers a new venue for networking and knowledge sharing.
UX Happy Hour floats for maximum meet potential.

We are fortunate at the IA Meetup to have sponsors like
AQUENT/Vitamin T
Filter Digital
Content Insight
ProtoShare by Site9

We’ll see more names join this list as speakers and I hope hosts and sponsors: Fell Swoop, Distilled, Portent, SEOMoz, Deloitte Digital, School of Visual Concepts, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, REI. Did I miss you? Do you want in on this list?

Tell me how you want to help bridge these communities. Find a space. Find a speaker. Find a sponsor. Create an activity. Host a website. Host a shared calendar. Anyone who can handle logistics, low time commitment of all involved and GETTING THE THING DONE no matter what. We are a tribe. Let’s choreograph and then let’s dance.

Join the meetup and contact away




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