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April 8, 2021

Cargill Calgary Collective Agreement

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Contract with Cargill Value Added Meats, Brampton On July 6, Cargill Value Added Meats employees ratified a four-year contract. The contract includes about … View items It is not clear how long the plant will be closed, but the company said the workers would be paid in accordance with their collective agreement. April 19, 2020 “It`s precisely this case that really makes me wonder if we find that some of our core work forces are superfluous,” Block said. “We know what to do and what we need to take on this collective responsibility and ensure that all employers protect workers.” Read more “There was also a spread in the community beyond these workers, with 484 cases related to this epidemic,” Hinshaw said. . CALGARY — A meat packing plant in southern Alberta, where a worker died from COVID-19, is temporarily closed following an outbreak at the plant. March 24, 2020You keep our company united. And yet, workers at your local safeway in Alberta have been fighting for months for a fair contract with an employer who wants to cut wages and cut benefits for these heroes. “It is worrying that the employer is not complying with the law and that the facility remains open,” said Mr. Hesse.

“What the results show very, very clearly is that no one talks to workers.” Read more April 17, 2020The High River cargill plant – about 60 kilometres south of Calgary – now has 358 cases, said Dr. Deena Hinshaw. … “It`s a tragedy. A few days ago, we asked that the plant be temporarily closed for two weeks, send all workers home with a salary to isolate themselves,” Hesse said Friday. At that time, we were aware of 38 cases. That was before they built their own test facility in the area. We will never know how much that figure could have been. Read more April 13, 2020″Employees are afraid. Your employees are scared. It is time to act. It`s time to protect life…. Hesse has three requirements: – close the plant immediately for two weeks to complete a full safety assessment – guarantee the full compensation of each employee during the temporary decommissioning – meet with union officials, experts and government officials to develop a plan for “clear and applicable occupational health and safety rules.” Read more “It`s not just about taking a break…

Creating economic fear among these vulnerable workers is another problem. “We will process as soon as possible about three million meals that are currently in our factory. We greatly appreciate our employees who are working on these efforts,” he added. Since your negotiating committee believes that this offer is the best that can be obtained without long-term work, we recommend that members vote to accept the company`s offer. “We have also put in place additional security measures such as temperature testing, improved cleaning and disimidation, disguise of the face, screening between staff positions, banning visitors, introducing, where possible, social withdrawal practices and staggered breaks and flexibility of positions.” “We have taken proactive steps to focus on safety. We have encouraged employees not to go to work when they are sick and offer up to 80 hours of paid leave for COVID-related circumstances,” he said.

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