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September 13, 2021

Byod User Agreement Template

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XYZ Company grants its employees the privilege of purchasing and using the smartphones and tablets of their choice at work for their convenience. XYZ Company reserves the right to revoke this privilege if users do not comply with the policies and procedures described below. Below is an example of BYOD guidelines that organizations can tailor to their needs (add additional details where useful). Some companies may need to add sections that apply to different groups of users with different job requirements. Finally, make sure that a lawyer looks into this situation. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs require three critical components: a software application for managing network-connected devices, a written directive that defines employer and user responsibilities, and an agreement that users must sign to confirm that they have read and understood the directive. Staff members authorised to use personal equipment under this Directive shall receive an agreed monthly grant on the basis of the position and estimated use of the equipment. If an employee receives or currently has a plan above the monthly grant, [company name] is not responsible for the cost difference. Family and friends should not use personal devices used for commercial purposes.

In the event of termination or termination of the employment relationship or at any time upon request, the employee may be asked to present the personal equipment for inspection. All company data on personal devices is removed from IT after the termination of the employment relationship. Employees whose personal devices have camera, video or recording capability may not use these functions anywhere in the building or on the company site at any time, unless previously authorized by management. Employees working in explosion-risk areas do not need to use personal devices while working in these areas, as such use can pose a significant safety risk. Employees are expected to protect personal devices used for business purposes from loss, damage or theft. This directive defines [the company name] for the use of electronic devices in personal possession by employees for work-related purposes. Excessive personal calls, emails, or text messages during the workday, regardless of the device used, can affect staff productivity and distract others. Staff should deal with personal matters outside of working hours and ensure that friends and family members are aware of the directive.

Exemptions may be granted for emergency situations that have been previously approved by management. Managers reserve the right to request employees` mobile phone bills and use the reports for calls and messages made during working hours to determine if the use is excessive. Employees accused of traffic offences resulting from the use of their personal devices during the journey are solely responsible for any liability resulting from such acts. To protect sensitive company data, employees should have IT install “Remote Wipe” software on their personal devices before using the devices for work. This software makes it possible to remotely delete company-related data in case of loss or theft of the device. Deleting company data can impact other applications and data. Employees may not use their personal devices for business purposes during unpaid leave without management`s permission. [Company Name] reserves the right to disable the application and the company`s access to the employee`s personal device during periods of leave without pay..

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