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September 11, 2021

Asterisk License Agreement

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Under the icon ASTERISK_GPL_KEY in include/asterisk/module.h, Digium has added text that each Asterisk module must return when a *key() function is called by the module loader. This paragraph asserts that modules may only be released under the GPL license and not under another license that excludes a GPL-compatible license and is therefore an additional restriction expressly prohibited by Section 7 of the GPL. Certified Asterisk is a branch of Asterisk, which is assisted by Digium for commercial and SLA customers and is authorized under certain support offerings. Like other branches of Asterisk, it is provided under the GPLv2 license and can be freely used by anyone, including users and other customers who are not Digium`s SLA customers. OpenSSL is used binary for cryptographic functions in both and the asterisk. For many users, the GPLv2 license is entirely the same as using Asterisk. These users do not market modifications, additions or proprietary derivatives of Asterisk and do not need the legal protection of a commercial license. Some module authors who wanted to license their modules under the LGPL license or other GPL-enabled licenses were concerned that they would be pending by using and returning the Digium key, because Digium claims that the sale of text that the key represents cannot be used legally by a module that is not authorized by the GPL. Some have even proposed that the use of the digium key alone is an agreement with their claim. The Issue Tracker keeps records of contributions and license agreements that were in effect at the time those contributions went live. Code contributions cannot be added without first marking them as a contribution in accordance with the license agreement, and code contributions that are not labeled as such will be removed from the Issue Tracker.

FreeSWITCH is a popular alternative to Asterisk, which offers many of the same features, but with a collective ownership model and not with the business model intertwined with Asterisk`s licensing and participation agreements. However, the GPL license will not be invalidated for files that do not touch Editline, which means that it is possible to replace Editline with a GPL-compatible licensed library like GNU Readline, thus obtaining an Asterisk package to which the GPL license applies.

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