Content Strategy at Work Party

Content Strategy at Work Party for Washington Ensemble Theatre

Content and Community Strategy: What I Do

Facilitating content by and for the people. With a system. On a schedule.

Creating content that helps boost conversation is part research, part planning. To make an impact, content strategy involves much iteration, experimentation, and consistent execution. This is all towards the goal of providing credible, clear, and consistent content across channels.

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The most effective content is designed for, powered by, and ultimately helpful and useful to humans (with a nod to some fine robots out there.) My work involves audience and competitive research, planning content strategies and roadmaps, managing successful internal and external communications, and making sure that websites are something people actually like to visit and use.

I’m a MLIS graduate of the University of Washington Information School. My early background includes content, Information Architecture, and technology projects at nonprofits and educational institutions as Treehouse, the iSchool, and Information Architecture Institute. More recently in the agency world, I’ve worked on content projects for international enterprise-level organizations as well as local colleges and small to mid-sized businesses. Content Strategy is agnostic, so I’ve worked for industrial manufacturers, higher education institutions, technology companies large and small, and others. I have a sweet spot for nonprofits and often do pro bono work to help them effectively communicate their message online.

My favorite task is conducting content inventories and audits. I am not kidding. I also write songs as Misty Weaver.


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