The Power of Process: How UX Team’s can cover Content Strategy. Today, I gave a talk at the SoCal Content Strategy Meetup hosted by Fandango. I’ll write more and share slides later but for now, I just want people to be able to read more about content strategy. Right now.


While there’s some defining of content strategy, the purpose of the talk is to discuss some pieces that UX teams can incorporate into the design process when there isn’t a dedicated content strategist.

• What to make of Content inventories, assessments, and audits
• How to build workflows for the people
• How to prepare for handoffs in real life
• Why the inverted pyramid
• What you can do about interface copywriting

But the real juicy part is the homework. Here are some of the wonderful things you can read to learn more about Content Strategy and UX working together.

Paula Land and
Karen McGrane
Kristina Halvorson
Meghan Casey
Meghan Casey
Richard Ingram
Richard Kirk
Donna Spencer
Ahava Leibtag
Margot Bloomstein
Edward Baldwin
Nicole Fenton